The wedding anniversary of the 3rd year.Leather wedding.

The wedding anniversary of the 3rd year, leather wedding.meaning

 The wedding anniversary of the 3rd year is a leather wedding ( Leathe wedding).

 As for the 3rd year marriage, the being of something is done in ○○ of the 3rd year, the figure to say to be 3 in and as for becoming period of languor shortly, a meaning does to do the saying of to be leather wedding of being a time with in many ways much crash in the sense to say like leather even if it is persevering, isn't it?

 By the way, what だろ, the period of languor is the time which becomes unpleasant, being each other bored if saying easily.
 The bad thing of the partner becomes noticeable when passing in 3 and is there not a person to be reminded of about whether or not not to look at the opposite sex who is different from not being possibility such carelessly?

 After riding over the period of languor, it increases before, too, and strong relationship of mutual trust and love are built up like leather.
 To tide over period of languor by the leather wedding, let's attempt to look back to these 3 years.
 About is then, I think that the answer goes out of there about what it is doing and it may not been saying that it gave ( it understands ), requiring about whether or not what is good and whether or not it is being married, whether or not it is loving really, is and doesn't see, reconsidering.

 Because the one to say to be a precious leather wedding is made a wedding anniversary

The gift of the leather wedding

The gift of the leather wedding

 Even if it has say that the one which was made of leather goods is a gift to the leather wedding with the wedding anniversary of the 3rd year, I don't understand what is good with being unexpected.
 For 3 years, in the window shopping and the story, didn't the one to want appear with the wife?
 Only, without bringing to an end delightfully in two pieces of dating, observe a wife well.
 I think that the hint of the present comes out.
 I think that buying simplicity - the one which is high because it is thrifty ( as it wrote somewhere ) with the pompon with the wife being different from so far when having married passes away.
Among them, it doesn't let in the duck where there is a hard buying person, too, though.
 If not missing such a place only about feeling it even if there is a bag to want, a present be decided and the bag in this case when wanting.
Hang on the feeling from around the day.

The example of the gift of the leather wedding

■It attempted to think of what present was good.
 When the present becomes leather goods, the bag and the purse will be regular.
 It didn't get by leather 婚 type , but I thought that would not become available, being expensive in Louis Vuitton's purse, at its first for a lifetime, but it is using regularly after getting at the present of the paper wedding and it wears robustly in addition that the skin in the place to fold breaks ( is it that how to use and the maintenance were bad ), doesn't it?
 It is possible to even repair and it is possible to use long.
It is the gift which is suited for the leather 婚 type and it is ねばり強く robustly like wear, leather.
 Because there are one cup of other, too, notions such as the coat of the leather, the glove, the leather jacket of the leather at the leather shoes, and so on, it will find not a price but the one to want really, will not it?

■My leathe wedding.
 It took the full-course dinner of the French dish in the coming-out dinner at the usual hotel about the wedding anniversary of the 3rd year.
 Also, I was shocked when comparing with the photograph of the 1st year to have had a picture taken.( ◎◇◎ )
 What and because it was the one to have increased quantity little by little when whether or not it is lacking a wife when the face became both two circular, and the food of the actually about 10 kilos fat wife was good and didn't leave and ate, it didn't take time in spite of being fat.
 However, it is happy when eating good one.
 It does good and it does と or it is no diet.

■The one which I presented.
 I thought that would surely want because it picked up one bag at the time which went out to the department store with the wife and it was seeing it slowly and carefully.
 It buys secretly beforehand to present on the day of the leather wedding.
 After dining, it handed over a present casually.
 Because it rejoiced stunningly, still wanting, I, too, became glad.
 It got what and because it was doing the use of the shoulder bag which is always ragged of being a briefcase, overcoming, I seem to have thought that it is this.
I was glad.


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