The wedding anniversary,meaning,number of years

The wedding anniversary

 The 1st year paper wedding,2nd year cotton wedding anniversary.It is remembering a wedding anniversary, too, though.I have forgot a wedding anniversary gradually.Today, it got scolded with what day.
 It thought of the number of years, the name, the meaning.
 The wedding anniversary is habitude in the Europe and America originally.
 It is the habitude which began with the anniversary because it exchanged a present by husband and wife.

 The one of the 1st year From the paper wedding,one of the 60th year ,To the diamond wedding.
From the soft one,firm one it passes.
 It becomes expensive one.

The wedding anniversary,What time will it be?

 The day of the entry in the family register,The day of the wedding,The day of the reception,The day when two were linked,What time will it be?
 There is not a clear answer,It may decide at two. It is many overwhelmingly
 It is style on the day to have held a wedding.
On the day of the entry in the family register,With the anniversary of the entry in the family register,Particularly It may celebrate an anniversary.

A gift with wedding anniversary from whom to whom?

 It is the practice that, as for the gift with wedding anniversary, makes a gift a wife from the husband.I don't stick to the form,I appreciate each other by about once in 1 year, husband and wife.
 Eating and the remembrance and the bouquet,It presents a memorial tree.
 The silver wedding anniversary is unpleasant, when becoming a golden wedding anniversary.The progeny to congratulations traveling and the dinner and so on it will organize.

The meaning list with wedding anniversary

Years Rreading Mmeaning
1st year paper wedding It writes life design in future at the white paper.
2nd year Cotton wedding The simple thrift It scolds luxury.
3rd year Leather wedding The period of languor, Be leather It is strong in the stickiness.
4th year Floral wedding The flower bloom and the fruit become.
5th year Tree wedding Being husband and wife like one tree came to seem.
6th year Iron wedding The life which is strong like iron.
7th year Copper wedding Compare the stability of the family, the fortune to copper.
8th year Rubber wedding Two pieces of life which has give.
9th year Earthenware wedding Handle earthenware valuably.
The crack didn't enter.
10th year Tin wedding Have beauty and softness like tin.
11th year Steel wedding The love which is strong like stee.
Being linked by the power.
12th year Silk wedding Two pieces of love which is detailed like silk.
13th year Lace wedding It is the certificate of the love which makes twill more deeply.
14th year Ivory wedding The value which shines, repeating an age like ivory.
15th year Crystal wedding It is not transparently and cloudily.
The trust like a crystal.
20th year China wedding The value increases in the period.
Husband and wife like china.
25th year Silver wedding The one of the marriage,get stanza.
The beauty of the oxidized silver.
30th year Pearl wedding It shows wealth and health.
Compare to the jewel on the sea.
35th year Coral wedding Via the long years.
The growing coral,it compares.
40th year Ruby wedding It is red style. Two pieces of deep trust and person of deep sincerity.
45th year Sapphire wedding It was linked in the sincerity and the moral influence. The marriage.
50th year Gold wedding It got a golden blaze.
The rich anniversary.
55th year Emerald wedding The deep quietness,the life of noble husband and wife.
60th year Diamond wedding The prosperity of the long life and the family.
The maximum wedding anniversary.
70th year  Platinum wedding  It shines to the silver like platinum.
The best happiness like miracle.



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