The wedding anniversary of the 1st year.paper wedding

The wedding anniversary of the 1st year.paper wedding

 The wedding anniversary of the 1st year is a paper wedding.

 The wedding is 0.It passed for 1 year, marrying.To the relative, the acquaintance, the friend who came to the wedding.
 It reports recent conditions with the letter which is made of paper.

 As for 1 year, surely, because it thinks that there is a photograph of the remembrance to the full, doesn't talking about the 1 year remembrance while seeing a photograph, too, become a good wedding anniversary?

Now is the times of the e-mail and SNS, but anyway write the postcard and the letter which is made of paper as much as the paper wedding and it is left later from the e-mail and I think that it is rejoiced.

 It was a by-talk, but it didn't hang paper and a god but it put a household altar when having a family, marrying.
 There will have been a feeling to have been independent somehow about or to say that it became grown-up, will not there?

The gift of the paper wedding.

The gift of the paper wedding.

 Even if it has say the one which was made of paper wedding paper products with the wedding anniversary of the 1st year to be a gift, I don't understand what is good with being unexpected.
 Within this 1 year, did you take a lot of two pictures? An album is made of paper.
 It puts on by congratulations of the paper wedding with the unexpected one when looking about well.
 How about attempting to decorate with the flower which was completely broken with the paper cup, the paper plate to the dinner of the paper wedding and was broken with the folding paper instead of the fresh flower and so on.
 Because it has a wife make food around the day, making the paper products which are tidied up just as it is because the cleaning up is terrible with the husband cooking, the paper wedding is the meaning to make a wife do easily.
 The food of the man is being popular recently how which will be and I do that it does the thinking of that the evaluation of the husband rises in the surely unexpected aspect of book's, too, being a dinner, good surprise with the food of the man to the wife who is variously.

The example of the gift of the paper wedding.

■It thought of the present.
 The present is paper products.
The album and the photograph can stand ( photo frame ).
 Two-shot how good it is in the digital camera to take the picture which includes photograph standing boiling.
 If the reading is favorite, the book, too, is good if there is a book to want to read.
 If the picture is favorite, it sets an aquarelle, an oil painting.
 It will be variously about calligraphy set how it is if interested in the haiku and the sutra copied by hand and so on.
 A ticket of the movie and a ticket of the concert, too, are paper and there are they variously.

■My paper wedding
 I reserved the full-course dinner of the French dish beforehand in the dinner at a certain hotel.
 It said that the master chef came first to the greeting and that there was wedding anniversary congratulations.
 Food was carried one after another and the wife rejoiced with a smile, saying " it is good ".
 Because it reserved a reservation, saying that it had the wedding anniversary of the 1st year, the waitress took a picture of the commemorative photograph at the hotel.
 Saying that it wanted to be dined here about the cotton wedding anniversary next year to have been being about 2 hours dined but for the very delightful thought and the one which was made of paper, the photograph, to have become the commemoration of the paper wedding fast, too, our paper wedding ended safely.

The one which I presented
 Not the having of dining but the being of being what and Louis Vuitton's purse respectively of the present of the paper wedding are done from saying that it puts the charm which was made of paper.
 Are you a little unnatural?


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