The wedding anniversary of the 2st year.Cotton wedding

The wedding anniversary of the 1st year.Cotton wedding

 The wedding anniversary of the 2nd year seems to do the being of ( noodle's not coming and coming ) meaning simple thrift and scolding luxury.

 Don't the newly-married couple feelings come off yet and isn't the 2nd year marriage doing a luxurious absorbed?

Will it be saying that will tighten up a little future, staring fixedly at it?

 There is baby birth, too, in the near future and now, there are many paper diapers but the diaper which was made of cotton, too, is still current.
 Simple resemblance and then, for the future of the child, too, the feeling of being probable makes the indirect meaning to say that will prepare upcoming case, thrifty, too, a cotton wedding anniversary.

 The cotton is supposition about whether it will are not because it rowed, robust, wearing and leaking with the general one to be thrifty as it changed from the soft one to the expensive one to the stiff one, the wedding anniversary why being a cotton wedding anniversary is by which and it will make the 2nd year changed a little to the one for which it is difficult to tear rather than the stiff one in the cloth after the paper and it is difficult for two pieces of love to tear.

The gift of the cotton wedding anniversary

The gift of the cotton wedding anniversary

 The gift of the cotton wedding anniversary with the wedding anniversary of the 2nd year is cotton goods such as the cotton and the cotton.
 Then, I think that the shirt, the polo shirt of the set, and so on, are good because it doesn't ring a bell and it still is a newly-married couple about what it should present even if it is told, if thinking that it is the gift of the cotton wedding anniversary from the friend, if the baby is birth, I think that the tiny organic cotton bunting clothes, too, are good and it is rejoiced.
 When becoming cotton goods to the cotton wedding anniversary, the suit has become a clothing kind about the clothes and the working in double harness but there is an implication, thinking that the curtain and so on, too, are good, that it is easy to change most in the decorations in the room and that will moreover work hard for 1 year in the new feelings.

The example of the gift of the cotton wedding anniversary

It thought of the present.
 The cloth does do the will of be good even if synthetic is mixed together of being the feelings to think that don't have to be particular about the cotton because it is a cotton wedding anniversary.
 How are the yukata and summertime casual wear < / the B > < / font > by which the yukata is a wife from the quite good duck, the husband but it will be permitted to exchange each other? As for the one which is being popular now, the summertime casual wear for the woman is colorful, is tiny and the summertime casual wear for the man, too, is good but ステテコ and the loincloth are being popular.
!( ・ ○ ・ )!
 It still is and a jeans, too, is made of cotton.

■My cotton wedding anniversary
 I think whether or not I may understand the manner that themselves change because it doesn't know how many years which had a dinner at the hotel to have gone to the 1st year my wedding anniversary of the 2nd year continues for but it is possible to take a picture each time.
 Unexpectedly, the waitress is great entertainment business, learning.
 It cooked the dinner of the cotton wedding anniversary, too, delightfully by the smiling of the whole face, saying " it is good ".

■The one which I presented
 It decided to order a suit because the present of the cotton wedding anniversary after enjoying a dinner was working in double harness each other.
 It was good for the company of the wife exactly because there was not a uniform in it.
 Of course, let's make saying the cloth one which isn't particular about the cotton O.K..
( = ⌒▽⌒ = )


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